Helping Organizations Become Fit-For-Future  

Working as an Agile Coach and helping various organizations become more agile for some years now, I have seen mostly the same pattern - when faced with a need to change, the dominant approach is to design the solution, a static blueprint for the desired end state and a “new organization”, develop a plan to execute, run a project to implement the change and we’re done.

Learning how to change is even more important than the change itself as there is no end state where we are “Done”, instead organizations need to learn and grow internal capabilities of continuous evolving and improvement in order to succeed and survive.

In this session I will share the things I wanted to hear a few years ago which I have learned so far as a practitioner and from others using an empirical approach to managing and leading any change in the organization, practical tools and practices which I found useful with examples and stories from the real world.

Come to this session if you are passionate about organizational change and lets talk about uncovering better ways of helping organizations become truly agile and fit-for-future.

Agile Organization and Leadership  Digital Transformation  

Intermediate (200)



Sala 1, 15.10.2022. 13:00 - 13:45