The Agile Transformation Redesigned  

What are the chances that right now, your company is planning, actively running, or trying to repair a (failed) agile transformation? Based on our recent experience, we say that it's big. Are you interested in hearing more about how we do agile transformations our way?

Introducing agility through Scrum and DevOps practices and tools can be done on the team, department, or organizational level and is one of the most complex endeavors any organization can undertake. It requires a sustainable approach since production work cannot be put aside, waiting to be resumed once the transformation is done. Moreover, every organization is unique. Thus, their Scrum and DevOps implementation will also be unique, and they need to find what works best for them along the way.

This is why we at Agilist IT have developed a unique approach to introducing Scrum and DevOps, with the primary goal of ensuring the sustainability of the transformation. The core of our approach is to apply Scrum to introduce Scrum and DevOps. We set up a Scrum-based "optimization process" for the transformation activities and run it in parallel with the company's "production process" which undergoes this transformation. So teams are learning by doing, and they are iteratively and incrementally introducing changes to the way they do their production work.


Join us to hear more about our approach that proved to be successful in several still active transformations. We will explain and showcase how we set up the Optimization Scrum Team, what's on its backlog, how we combine its events with the running business and point out the most frequent pitfalls.

Agile Organization and Leadership  Collaboration, Culture, Teams  Digital Transformation  Dev Practices and Craftmanship  Customers and Products  

Intermediate (200)



Sala 1, 15.10.2022. 15:30 - 16:15